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Not for private or benefit

Not for private events or benefit
Applications should be submitted 30 days prior to installation

Banner Installation

Expected format: MM/DD/YYYY

Coordination is required with local authorities:

Insurance Certificate

A certificate of liability insurance is required with Nassau County DPW as the certificate holder indemnifying the county against any and all claims arising from the hanging of the aforesaid banner(s)

Pole Attachment Approval

The department requires pole attachment approval from PSEG Long Island for which poles are to be utilized for attaching the banner(s) in question and our understanding of whose installation it will be by the local municipality

Applicant Signature

It is necessary to ensure the safety of the traveling public that the banner(s) be installed at a height of no less than 16’-0” over the roadway and that this clearance is maintained for the period that the banner(s) are in place

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