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Awarded Bids Board for Bidding opportunities under $10,000

The chart below shows bidding opportunities (those under $10,000.00). Vendors interested in downloading and submitting bid responses must register to do business with Nassau County.

  • To register as a vendor in Nassau County, click here.
  • To view informal bid solicitations and formal solicitations (those of $10,000.00 value or greater), click here.

Awarded Informal Bids

TitleNIGPBuyerVendorBids Open DateBids Close DateAwarded DateAmount
VIDEO SCOREBOARD PARTS80563Vivian CrowleyHolzberg Communications, Inc.02/19/2024 08:00 AM02/23/2024 11:00 AM02/27/2024$1,859.76
COLORED PAPER64521Vivian CrowleyWats International, Inc02/23/2024 08:00 AM02/27/2024 11:00 AM02/27/2024$406.20
Folders61545Anette SullivanWats International, Inc02/21/2024 08:00 AM02/22/2024 01:00 PM02/27/2024$934.50
K9 FORD EXPLORER SAFETEY CAGE04008Mark ClemensTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.02/08/2024 08:00 AM02/13/2024 02:00 PM02/27/2024$3,428.00
ARCHIVAL STORAGE MATERIALS SPECIMAN TRAY-RE BID52505Mark ClemensGaylord Bros Inc02/08/2024 08:00 AM02/13/2024 01:00 PM02/27/2024$2,206.00
ATHLETIC FIELD MARKERS AND SUPPLIES80517Mark ClemensMercury Paint Corp02/15/2024 01:00 PM02/20/2024 02:00 PM02/27/2024$7,992.80
Formaldehyde19046Anette SullivanFisher Scientific Company, LLC02/21/2024 08:00 AM02/22/2024 01:00 PM02/27/2024$851.60
CRUMB RUBBER ATHLETIC FIELD COMPOSITIONS79002Mark ClemensThe LandTek Group, Inc.02/20/2024 02:00 PM02/22/2024 02:00 PM02/26/2024$6,684.99
PA Sound System90728Timothy FunaroRNJ ELECTRONICS, INC02/20/2024 08:00 AM02/23/2024 02:00 PM02/26/2024$1,895.25
THERMAL PAPER ROLLS20477Vivian CrowleyAmerican Computer Consultants, Inc01/26/2024 11:00 AM01/30/2024 11:00 AM02/23/2024$1,446.20
TISSUE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT49590Mark ClemensFisher Scientific Company, LLC02/09/2024 02:00 PM02/14/2024 02:00 PM02/22/2024$8,096.95
CANINE EXPLOSIVE KITS -RE-BID04004Mark ClemensHPM Business Systems Inc02/16/2024 08:00 AM02/20/2024 02:00 PM02/22/2024$4,077.77
SOUTHERN FOLGER SOLENOID-RE BID32022Mark ClemensCraftmaster Hardware02/15/2024 02:00 PM02/20/2024 02:00 PM02/22/2024$2,100.00
LYNX OPAQUE PAPER64533Vivian CrowleySHARDA PAPER INC02/16/2024 10:00 AM02/21/2024 11:00 AM02/22/2024$2,300.00
OFFICE SUPPLIES CC/00520772, 31004, 61562Maria MangibinWats International, Inc02/15/2024 12:00 PM02/20/2024 01:00 PM02/22/2024$832.36
HP Toner HE/02620700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd02/07/2024 10:00 AM02/09/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$1,543.00
HP Toner PD/02820700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd02/14/2024 10:00 AM02/16/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$1,038.00
HP Toner PD/10020700Kimberly StantonUS Globe Service Corp02/14/2024 10:00 AM02/16/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$407.00
HP Toner DA/01820700Kimberly StantonCORPORATE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, INC.02/14/2024 10:30 AM02/16/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$840.00
HP Toner SA/00420700Kimberly StantonDILTEX INC02/07/2024 10:00 AM02/09/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$1,084.91
HP Toner PD/07320700Kimberly StantonCORPORATE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, INC.02/14/2024 10:00 AM02/16/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$250.74
HP Toner PD/01720700Kimberly StantonCVR Computer Supplies02/14/2024 10:00 AM02/16/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$297.92
HP Toner PD/03220700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd02/07/2024 05:00 PM02/09/2024 03:00 PM02/21/2024$527.00
SPRINGHILL (OR EQUAL) 110# WHITE INDEX PAPER64551Vivian CrowleySHARDA PAPER INC02/15/2024 02:30 PM02/20/2024 01:30 PM02/21/2024$7,140.00
Message Board Batteries06012Timothy FunaroEcom Group INC02/13/2024 11:30 AM02/16/2024 02:00 PM02/21/2024$4,500.00
ANIMAL CARE SUPPLIES - CC/0204003Fernando RodriguezTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.02/09/2024 12:30 PM02/13/2024 02:00 PM02/21/2024$1,721.69
Drone Supplies84084Timothy FunaroB & H Foto & Electronics Corp.02/06/2024 10:30 AM02/13/2024 02:00 PM02/20/2024$923.33
LOCKSMITH SUPPLIES REBID CC/01145055Maria MangibinCraftmaster Hardware02/14/2024 11:00 AM02/16/2024 01:00 PM02/20/2024$912.50
LOCKSMITH SUPPLIES REBID CC/01045055Maria MangibinCraftmaster Hardware02/14/2024 11:00 AM02/16/2024 01:00 PM02/20/2024$7,523.00
LOCKSMITH SUPPLIES REBID CC/00945055Maria MangibinCraftmaster Hardware02/14/2024 11:00 AM02/16/2024 01:00 PM02/20/2024$3,284.00
LOCKSMITH SUPPLIES REBID CC/00845055Maria MangibinCraftmaster Hardware02/14/2024 11:00 AM02/16/2024 01:00 PM02/20/2024$1,140.00
COLD WEATHER ACCESSORIES CC/02220016Maria MangibinHPM Business Systems Inc02/14/2024 02:30 PM02/16/2024 01:00 PM02/16/2024$2,697.77
PERSONAL HYGIENE KIT65257Vivian Crowley570 Global Corp02/10/2024 08:00 AM02/13/2024 01:00 PM02/16/2024$4,750.00
SOFTWARE UPDATE ON SITE VISIT FOR JOHN DEERE SKID STEER92045Anette SullivanJESCO INC02/02/2024 08:00 AM02/09/2024 08:00 AM02/15/2024$2,165.00
RE BID CULTURE MEDIA, PREPARED- HE/0711519Fernando RodriguezFisher Scientific Company, LLC02/07/2024 11:00 AM02/09/2024 08:00 AM02/15/2024$526.08
Temperature Control Unit For Vehicles90728Anette SullivanTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.02/08/2024 03:00 PM02/12/2024 08:00 AM02/15/2024$2,767.34
Custom File Folders No Printing61541Anette SullivanNitsom Promotional Manufacturing Corp02/09/2024 08:00 AM02/14/2024 08:00 AM02/15/2024$2,066.40
INSECT CONTROL SUPPLIES HE/02887527, 28712Maria MangibinTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.02/07/2024 12:30 PM02/13/2024 10:00 AM02/15/2024$2,096.53
TOURNIQUETS HE/02746588Maria MangibinQuadMed Inc02/07/2024 12:30 PM02/13/2024 10:00 AM02/15/2024$2,320.00
LOCKSMITH SUPPLIES CC/01245055Maria MangibinBellmore Home Center, Inc.02/08/2024 11:00 AM02/13/2024 01:00 PM02/15/2024$2,060.64
MANHOLE COVER LIFTER CA/00389030Maria MangibinHPM Business Systems Inc02/08/2024 04:30 PM02/13/2024 09:00 AM02/14/2024$853.77
SIGN LANGUAGE SERVICES FOR THE DEAF96167Mark ClemensMILL Neck Services02/01/2024 11:00 AM02/05/2024 02:00 PM02/14/2024$665.00
AGILENT LABORATORY EQUIPMENT49300, 17513Mark ClemensAgilent Technologies, Inc.02/01/2024 08:00 AM02/05/2024 02:00 PM02/14/2024$4,733.97
FLOATER MINI GOLF BALLS80554Mark ClemensMr. LLC01/31/2024 01:00 PM02/05/2024 02:00 PM02/14/2024$7,225.30
DEPOSITORY SAFE31855Vivian CrowleyLEAD PROPERTY & ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC02/05/2024 08:00 AM02/08/2024 01:00 PM02/09/2024$1,051.00
PAIGE MIRACLE BOXES64020Vivian CrowleyThe Paige Company Containers Inc02/05/2024 08:00 AM02/08/2024 11:00 AM02/08/2024$11,450.00
John Deere Backhoe Loader Repair Sservice92935Anette SullivanJESCO INC01/31/2024 08:00 AM02/07/2024 08:00 AM02/08/2024$2,567.00
HP Toner HE/02220700Kimberly StantonDILTEX INC02/01/2024 11:00 AM02/05/2024 01:30 PM02/06/2024$735.42
HP Toner TR/00220700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd02/01/2024 11:00 AM02/05/2024 01:30 PM02/06/2024$1,295.00
Headsets72555Timothy FunaroFunction5 Technology Group Ltd01/23/2024 11:00 AM01/29/2024 02:00 PM02/06/2024$995.00
SPRINGHILL 110# WHITE INDEX PAPER64551Vivian CrowleySHARDA PAPER INC01/31/2024 12:30 PM02/02/2024 02:30 PM02/06/2024$7,140.00
T-SHIRTS PK/01520010, 96642Maria MangibinTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.01/29/2024 02:30 PM02/01/2024 01:00 PM02/06/2024$5,616.10
Ground Containers, 10021Anette SullivanCASSONE LEASING, INC01/30/2024 08:00 AM02/02/2024 08:00 AM02/05/2024$9,016.00
Extraction Tubes17529Anette SullivanSTRATUS Inc02/01/2024 04:30 PM02/05/2024 12:00 PM02/05/2024$2,784.15
Microcuvettes25726Anette SullivanSZY Holdings LLC.02/01/2024 04:30 PM02/02/2024 01:00 PM02/05/2024$720.00
Medication25726Anette SullivanSZY Holdings LLC.02/01/2024 04:30 PM02/02/2024 04:30 PM02/05/2024$548.18
LIFEGUARD SWIMWEAR PK/01320079Maria MangibinOriginal Watermen01/29/2024 02:30 PM02/01/2024 01:00 PM02/05/2024$3,660.72
IRRIGATION REPAIR PARTS PK/00602049Maria MangibinStorr Tractor Company01/29/2024 02:30 PM02/01/2024 01:00 PM02/05/2024$5,626.20
Bulldog clips61569Anette SullivanEnterprise technology solutions01/31/2024 08:00 AM02/01/2024 08:00 AM02/02/2024$698.60
FIRST TACTICAL SHIRTS & POLOS20085, 20137Vivian CrowleyAtlantic Tactical, Inc.12/21/2023 10:00 AM12/26/2023 11:00 AM02/02/2024$7,728.39
LIFEGUARD CPR MASKS - PK/1180575, 34568, 34510Fernando RodriguezHPM Business Systems Inc01/26/2024 10:00 AM01/30/2024 02:00 PM01/31/2024$1,427.77
LIFEGUARD TUBES AND UMBRELLAS - PK/1234510Fernando RodriguezZDAAS LLC01/26/2024 10:00 AM01/30/2024 02:00 PM01/31/2024$1,849.26
LORREL CHAIRS42560Vivian CrowleyThe Ray-Block Stationery Co., Inc.01/26/2024 10:00 AM01/30/2024 11:00 AM01/31/2024$699.85
FLEECE JACKETS CL/02220084Maria MangibinTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.01/24/2024 09:30 AM01/26/2024 01:00 PM01/31/2024$1,211.40
BROTHER PRINTER LABELS (RE-BID)39525Vivian CrowleySTRATUS Inc01/25/2024 11:00 AM01/29/2024 02:00 PM01/31/2024$825.00
PROTRCTIONEQUIPMENT-SABRE STREAM68008Mark ClemensTELEPHONE CONSULTING SERVICES OF L.I. CORP.01/19/2024 08:00 AM01/23/2024 11:00 PM01/31/2024$1,831.50
HP TONER CARTRIDGE20772Mark ClemensDerive Technologies01/24/2024 01:00 PM01/26/2024 08:00 AM01/31/2024$520.50
TONER - TV/0520674Fernando RodriguezDerive Technologies01/25/2024 02:30 PM01/29/2024 03:00 PM01/30/2024$750.60
ELECTRIC LETTER OPENER TV/0460068, 60000Fernando RodriguezHPM Business Systems Inc01/24/2024 10:00 AM01/26/2024 02:30 PM01/30/2024$1,627.77
Supplies For Office rebid.61500Anette SullivanThe Sock Bag01/24/2024 08:00 AM01/26/2024 08:00 AM01/29/2024$850.30
TONER DA/01420700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd01/23/2024 11:00 AM01/25/2024 01:30 PM01/29/2024$3,948.00
110# WHITE INDEX PAPER64551Vivian CrowleyCopy Graphics,Inc01/22/2024 11:00 AM01/24/2024 03:00 PM01/29/2024$7,687.20
RUBBER STAMPS CC/00361577Maria MangibinRUBBER STAMPS, INC.01/19/2024 09:30 AM01/23/2024 03:30 PM01/25/2024$563.50
HP Toner TV/00120700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd01/05/2024 09:30 AM01/09/2024 01:30 PM01/25/2024$1,347.50
Office Supplies - AT/00320700, 61500Kimberly StantonStaples01/17/2024 04:30 PM01/19/2024 01:30 PM01/25/2024$651.97
AT-A-GLANCE LOG BOOKS & CALENDARS61515Vivian CrowleyStaples01/22/2024 11:00 AM01/24/2024 01:00 PM01/25/2024$1,158.78
KRAFT ENVELOPES31006Vivian CrowleyPackform USA LLC01/12/2024 10:00 AM01/16/2024 11:00 AM01/24/2024$1,750.00
ROLAND PRINTER REPAIR20634Mark ClemensS&f Supplies12/01/2023 08:00 AM12/04/2023 11:30 AM01/23/2024$3,385.00
LAW ENFORCEMENT SOFTWARE20857Mark ClemensItegix LLC11/21/2023 08:00 AM11/29/2023 02:00 PM01/23/2024$1,512.00
BLUEAIR PRO M AIR PURIFIER-RE BID03110Mark ClemensIntivity Inc12/04/2023 01:00 PM12/06/2023 10:00 AM01/23/2024$778.12
PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE FOR LAB EQUIPMENT93881Maria MangibinNortheast Lab Services01/16/2024 03:00 PM01/18/2024 01:00 PM01/19/2024$1,252.00
Maintenance Agreement on: TRIPPLITE MODEL: SV40KM2P4B SERIAL: 2832CVTAC89B20002/16BATT PACKS20767Mark ClemensMCS OpCo LLC11/16/2023 08:00 AM11/27/2023 02:00 PM01/18/2024$3,300.00
TOOL COMPARTMENT BOXES FOR TRUCKS06585Mark ClemensMarkus Mfg11/09/2023 08:00 AM11/14/2023 02:00 PM01/18/2024$6,705.00
DOG CRATES04002Mark ClemensHolzberg Communications, Inc.11/09/2023 08:00 AM11/14/2023 02:00 PM01/18/2024$1,888.00
Supplemental Food Services95284Timothy FunaroFelico's Pizzeria Inc.01/02/2024 03:30 PM01/05/2024 02:00 PM01/17/2024$3,618.60
Audio Equipment88011Timothy FunaroRNJ ELECTRONICS, INC01/09/2024 10:00 AM01/15/2024 02:00 PM01/17/2024$1,940.60
Camera Lens65515Timothy FunaroB & H Foto & Electronics Corp.01/10/2024 02:30 PM01/16/2024 02:00 PM01/17/2024$1,932.39
HP Toner TR/00120700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd01/11/2024 12:00 PM01/16/2024 01:30 PM01/17/2024$3,035.00
HP Toner TV/00220700Kimberly StantonABRZ International Ltd01/05/2024 09:30 AM01/09/2024 01:30 PM01/16/2024$1,495.00
110# WHITE INDEX PAPER64551Vivian CrowleySHARDA PAPER INC12/22/2023 10:00 AM12/26/2023 11:00 AM01/11/2024$9,996.00
DRONE UNIT AND ACCESSORIES84084Mark ClemensItegix LLC12/06/2023 08:00 AM12/08/2023 02:00 PM01/05/2024$3,404.00
LABORATORY CHEMICALS17513Mark ClemensHPM Business Systems Inc12/11/2023 11:00 AM12/14/2023 02:00 PM01/05/2024$1,647.77
COMPUTER ACCESSORIES20760Mark ClemensItegix LLC12/11/2023 02:00 PM12/14/2023 01:00 PM01/05/2024$6,365.00
LABORATORY EQUIPMENT49300Mark ClemensWilliams Distribution, LLC10/26/2023 02:00 PM11/02/2023 02:00 PM01/05/2024$3,136.57
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