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Small Petroleum Tank Abandonments and Removals


Steps for Scheduling Tank Abandonment/Removals

  1. Hire a reputable contractor with experience in the closure of small tank systems.
  2. Schedule Tank Abandonment/Removal either online (preferred) or by mail by following the instructions below and submit payment accordingly ($90/tank removed & $70/tank abandoned)
  3. Our policy is that all scheduled Abandonment/Removal should be done at least 7 days in advance.
  4. Tanks exceeding 1,100 gallons in capacity cannot be permanently closed using this system. Please contact the Office of Toxic & Hazardous Material Regulation at (516) 227-9691 for information regarding the permanent closure of large tanks.
  5. For further information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page...Link Below.


Nassau County is committed to protecting our groundwater from petroleum contamination. The proper closure of small underground petroleum tanks, such as heating oil tanks, can reduce that threat.

Oil Tank Removal

The goal of a removal is to prevent oil spills from a tank that may leak. First, any residual oil and sludge is removed The tank is then removed and all associated piping is removed or permanently cut and sealed. An inspection by the Department is conducted to determine if there was a release oil to the environment and that all piping has been removed or properly sealed. The Department is required to be notified of aboveground and belowground tank removals.

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